Meet Our Staff

We want to make your eye care visits enjoyable, comfortable and successful. We know how to address your concerns and provide professional, friendly services. We will take time to treat you with care while addressing the aspects of your vision.

Always feel welcome to stop in to meet our team and get to know our staff personally or to make an appointment for your next eye care visit.

In some other eye care offices, patients often feel "shuffled" through a routine system, treated as just another number on a list and allowed minimal time with the doctor. At Dr. Robinson's office, we take great pride in providing our patients with the time and attention necessary for thorough treatment.

Tatyana manages the office and personally welcomes each new patient. The staff assists with scheduling and patient communication and are very knowledgeable in processing medical information. This helps to ensure that all paperwork requirements are handled efficiently.

Prior to the exam, Tatyana also carefully interviews each patient noting pertinent current conditions or changes in the patient's vision. This summary provides Dr. Robinson with information about any specific areas of concern.

Dr. Robinson administers all necessary eye exams, personal consultations, and performs all surgeries. Dr. Robinson thoroughly explains all procedures, options and costs to each patient. He takes a genuine interest in protecting and improving the vision and eye health of all his valued patients.

As your friendly office staff, we have the skill and experience to guide you through every step of the healthcare maze. If you wish, we can file insurance claims on your behalf. We can also provide you with resources for other payment options as well.

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of personal care while ensuring that our office runs smoothly for everyone.

Our goal is to serve you in the most personal and professional manner, enabling you to maintain your highest quality vision possible. And quality of vision translates into quality of life.

We look forward to seeing you!